Vanishing Lotus

Can't resist a good secret. Or a bad one, for that matter.


Vanishing Lotus nearly spent more time exploring the ruins near her home city of Lookshy than she did at home. From a young age she was driven to explore secret places, and she did so with boundless curiosity. Then one day she found an archway, deep in a forest and going nowhere that she could see. Perhaps foolishly, she stepped through, and found herself confronted with a celestial lion. She didn’t stay long. She emerged from that gate glowing the same deep green as the forest around her. Shortly thereafter, two Sidereal Exalted emerged from the gate and explained things.

To this day she has a deep joy in ferreting out secrets, and has a special interest for artifacts and knowledge of the First Age. She has discovered an odd fondness for the pattern spiders, and whenever she finds an especially nice piece of writing, she will ink a scroll of it for the spiders to enjoy.

Vanishing Lotus

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